This beauty series was created out of my personal experience from being a teenager experimenting with make-up, through the years of becoming a make-up artist. 

My godmother- Francine Van De Wiele, who worked for Dior for two decades as the PR manager- introduced me into the world of glamour and gave me my very first make-up product, namely a DIOR mascara, which is still my favourite to date.

Throughout the years, I went through all the phases of “do’s and dont’s” by discovering difficulties to obtain certain make-up looks.

The visual story let you rethink perfect images, which are taken for granted these days. Our eyes are used to observe flawless skin, perfectly executed eyeliner and lipstick. 

The industry never really shows the “ what-can go-wrong” in the stages of creating these looks. 

We shot the fun side of what can go wrong when contouring your face, going way overboard with eyeliner, having red lipstick on your teeth and even the silliest thing of having a “mascara-stamp” on the upper eye lid- which was totally my thing in my teens :) 

These “make-up- fail” shots are meant to hearten the girls and women feeling frustrated when trying to achieve e.g a smokey eye, a long-lasting red lip, or precise eyeliner. “Hey, it’s ok, to have fall-out when buffing out a glittery smokey out, it’s normal, you are not doing something wrong ;)”

Combining vintage Dior accessoires and the newly created “Doir Backstage” products, created by Peter Philips, these images pay homage to the ever-lasting inspiration of this fashion powerhouse DIOR.


Concept: Frances Folies

Production: Frances Folies

Art Direction: Lies Cobbaert @bizarhair

Make-up Artist: Frances Folies

Styling: Frances Folies

Photographer: Lesley Hoste

Model 1: Jolien Bass @only_model_management

Model 2: Lisa M @dominiquemodels_official

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