The last dance so far….

Some jobs will just stick with you forever…  My so far last production of 2020 was one just like that

The new year was only 2 months underway, when I was packing my make-up and hair kit for a full week of shooting, on location in Spain, early March. This was the 5th Kawasaki campaign I worked on and joined the same trusted crew.

The team consisted of photographer Mike Van Cleven, videographer Bonavonture Hoste and  models Nathalie and Filip. The best part of already having worked with them separately, is  like you’re going on a trip with friends. They’re such a great bunch of people, it doesn’t feel like working at all.

Also the client, Kawasaki’s Marketing and PR department , joined the shoot on the best location ever, in the middle of an isolated landscape in Andalusia, giving some real Palm Springs vibes. 

On top of the best shooting conditions, the production rented a real showstopper, namely a gorgeous metallic airstream, originally from the 50’s, renovated and pimped. 

The Spanish production crew and set designer made an artificial campfire to give that extra realness in the pictures and create the story on a Kawasaki road trip.

Oh and did I mention there was a whole trailer just for me and my make-up tools with AC, running water, a professional make-up mirror with lightning bulbs and a fully equipped bathroom? This was just like the Hollywood productions, I felt like I made it, hahha ;)

All of this, to tell you I returned home with a heart of fulfilment and joy; the experience of shooting with the best crew, for an impressive client, in a one-of-a-kind location and coming back with some pretty cool shots… 

It only hit us when we touched down in Belgium, checked the news on our phones while waiting for the aircraft to open its doors, things got serious. On that day, Thursday the 12th of March, the Belgian government announced to go into lockdown as from Saturday the 13th…..

I just realized at that point, we’d been living in this perfect bubble for the past week. However we could have been exposed to a high risk of infection. 

As soon as I got home I put myself into quarantine and waited for possible symptoms…. Luckily no health problems occurred. However, I saw every future booking being cancelled as every day passed.

It’s hard  and surreal to think about the possibility that this could (have) be(en) my last shoot of 2020…. I’m super grateful for all the past experiences, encounters, laughs and beautiful results so far.

I can not wait to start shooting again with fellow artists, creatives and lovely models!

In the meantime, take care of yourselves and loved ones!

 <3 Frances


Kawasaki Campaign 2020

Photo: Mike Van Cleven

Production Agency: SHUTTR

Video: Bonavonture Hoste

Models: Nathalie Fransen, Filip Hebbrecht

Make-up & Hairstyling: Frances Folies

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